What is sangria + 7 recipes at home

What is sangria + 7 recipes at home

Sangria - This is a relatively low-alcohol soft drink (a kind of cocktail, if you will) made on the basis of very ordinary, but at the same time high-quality, mostly dry table wines. Spain and Portugal are considered to be the homeland. But the Italians also contributed to the creation of the drink by adding sparkling wines to it.

Ingredients of sangria

Textbook sangria is a blood-red color, which is reflected in the name of the drink (the word translates as "blood" in Spanish), consisting of dry red wine (ideally Rioja), spring water, cane sugar and citrus slices (usually oranges and lemons).

Later, thanks to the development of the drink idea and the growth of its popularity, the number of possible ingredients has increased significantly.

Thus, along with red wine, both white and rosé wines can serve as the basis for the drink today.

Instead of plain water, mineral water, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, or sparkling wine can be used. In addition, strong alcohol (brandy, whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, etc.) is often used as an additional additive.д.), as well as various liqueurs (most often dry or cocktail liqueurs).

The list of fruits has expanded immensely. In addition to the unchanging citrus fruits, it includes fruits and berries of temperate latitudes, grapes, southern and tropical fruits, and even melons and watermelons. Finally, along with sugar, honey, vanilla, syrups, nutmeg, ginger, anise, cinnamon, cloves, and fresh mint were added to the drink.

All of this has led to a somewhat conditional typology of this Southern European drink:

  1. Quiet (regular) sangria - is made on the basis of red wine using citrus and grapes, but without adding sparkling or carbonated ingredients

  2. White sangria, the recipe of which calls for the use of dry, semi-sweet or even sweet white wine instead of red table wine

  3. Pink sangria - is made on the basis of rosé wine

  4. Sparkling sangria - a variation that involves adding sparkling wines a la Champagne or non-alcoholic carbonated drinks to a red, white or pink base

  5. Fruit sangria (also known as "wine okroshka") - is characterized by a huge number and unregulated variety of fruits and berries contained in it

  6. Strong sangria - got its name due to the preliminary six-hour soaking of fruit cut for it in high-degree alcohol or the direct addition of adult spirits

  7. There is also a non-alcoholic sangria, the recipe of which excludes the presence of any alcohol. It is sliced fruit poured with cola, lemonade, or just sparkling water, flavored with sugar and spices, if desired

How many degrees in sangria

In the vast majority of cases, the strength of the drink we are interested in ranges from 4 to 9 degrees.

If we are talking about its strong variation, it can reach an index of 14-18 revolutions.

How to drink sangria correctly

Sangria is prepared and served in a pitcher with crushed ice or in a spacious transparent bowl. Ideally, it is drunk from croquette glasses, but this is not necessary.

There is an unwritten rule that glasses, glasses or mugs for a sparkling drink must be transparent.

When using a bowl, the cool drink is poured with a ladle.

If we are talking about a jug, then a special spoon with a long handle is added to it, which is used to hold the fruit. The only exception is "fruit okroshka", which is poured together with its fruit and berry component.

An appetizer for sangria

If you have a strong drink or just want to have a snack, we recommend choosing cheeses, fruits, or, depending on the nature of the wine base, lean meat or fish dishes.

How to make sangria

The process of preparing the drink is quite simple. But, at the same time, it requires a high degree of creativity in the selection of ingredients. Again, you can't do without a few unwritten rules.

There are some differences when preparing fruits and berries:

  1. Citrus fruits are cut into slices with the peel.

  2. Apples and pears are core and cut into slices.

  3. Stone fruits (peaches, plums, etc.).o) separated from the seeds and, depending on the size, cut into halves or quarters.

  4. Large berries, such as strawberries, are cut in half, while small ones are put in whole.

  5. In the case of melons, watermelons and tropical fruits, only the finely chopped flesh is used.

Fruits and spices are put in a pitcher, then poured with wine mixed with water, juice and sugar. Then, if desired, strong alcohol is added to the resulting substance.

How to make sangria

The resulting mixture is infused in the refrigerator for 3 to 12 hours.

Crushed ice can be added both before infusion and immediately before serving.

Chilled sparkling and carbonated drinks are added to the pitcher just before serving.

Next, we will offer you one example of the components for each type of drink. Having mastered the basic principles and proportions, you can safely embark on the open sea of experiments, in the hope that sooner or later you will get the most delicious sangria!

A classic recipe: Quiet sangria

Let's start with the most common drink that has become a classic of the genre.

List of ingredients

  1. Dry red wine - 0.7 liters

  2. Drinking water - 0.7 liters

  3. Oranges - 2 pcs

  4. Lemon - 1 pc

  5. Cane sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons

Click here for the ingredients, If you haven't read how to make sangria (it's the base for all recipes).

Quiet sangria: a classic recipe

Recipe: White sangria

White wine can easily replace the red wine from the previous recipe. But let's make it more complicated.

List of ingredients

  1. Dry white wine - 0.75 l

  2. Apple juice with pulp - 1 liter

  3. Red apple - 1 pc

  4. Orange - 1 pc

Click here for the recipe, if you haven't read how to make sangria (this is the base for all recipes).

White sangria

Recipe: Pink sangria

The Iberian drink based on rosé wine is an avant-garde phenomenon. Therefore, its preparation will be slightly different from the above canon.

List of ingredients

  1. Dry rose wine - 1.5 liters

  2. Orange liqueur - 160 ml

  3. Lemonade - 1.25 liters

  4. Cane sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons

  5. Watermelon pulp - 500 g

  6. Lime - 2 pieces

The method of preparation

  1. Mix all ingredients except wine and lemonade in a pitcher and leave for half an hour at room temperature.

  2. After the specified time, add ice and wine.

  3. Then, you can put the jug in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, or you can immediately add lemonade, mix everything gently and serve it to the table.

Pink sangria

Recipe: Sangria with champagne

And here is the sparkling (Italian) version.

List of ingredients

  1. Dry red wine - 0.75 liters

  2. Dry or semi-sweet sparkling wine - 0.75 l

  3. Oranges - 1 pc

  4. Lemons - 1 pc

  5. Apples - 2 pcs

  6. Fresh mint - 3-4 leaves

  7. Cinnamon - 2 sticks

Click here for the recipe, if you have not read how to make sangria (this is the base for all recipes).

Sangria with champagne

Recipe: Fruit sangria

Take any of the above recipes as a basis and add as much fruit and berries as possible.

The main thing is that the liquid component of the drink, nevertheless, prevails at least a little.

Recipe: Strong strawberry sangria

And finally, a stronger variation of the drink, ideal for strawberry season and preparation at home.

List of ingredients

  1. Semi-sweet white wine - 0.75 liters

  2. Peach juice - 0.75 liters

  3. Peach bitters - 300 ml

  4. Light rum - 200 ml

  5. Strawberries - 300 g

  6. Lemon - 1/2 piece

  7. Cane sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons

  8. Fresh mint - 4 leaves

Method of preparation

  1. Pour the sliced strawberries with bitters and let it stand for 6 hours at room temperature.

  2. Add lemon and mint grated with one tablespoon of sugar.

  3. Mix the wine, juice and remaining sugar thoroughly and add it to the rest of the ingredients.

  4. Put ice, add rum and refrigerate the drink for 4 hours.

Strong strawberry sangria

Video recipe for sangria

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