Zubrivka vodka: an overview, useful properties + 2 recipes at home

Zubrivka vodka: an overview, useful properties + 2 recipes at home

The real Zubrivka is produced in Poland and Belarus, and since September 2016, Roust Holding has launched production of the vodka brand in Russia.

The classic bitter tincture is available with a strength of 40 degrees and has a variable color palette from light yellow to deep amber.

The composition of tincture Zubrivka

  1. High-quality alcohol.

  2. Water.

  3. Sugar.

  4. The herb of the same name is fragrant zubrivka.

The exception is Polish vodka Zubrowka, which has been imported to America since 1999, and contains artificial colors, flavors, and even a decorative grass in a bottle made of plastic.

This is due to the fact that the herb contains such a substance as coumarin and in the United States it is considered dangerous to health. But it is harmful only if it enters the body systematically and accumulates there.

Safe classic proportion - 2 kg of herbs per 1000 liters of alcohol.

Where does the herb grow Fragrant mullein

You can find the herb in forest glades, meadows, forest edges and even on the outskirts of estuaries, where the soil is often moistened.

But still, it is generally accepted that its homeland is the Bialowieza Forest, where bison live. And it is thanks to them that this plant got its name.

A Polish bitters factory buys bison grass from specialized companies in the Białowieża region.

Where does the grass grows fragrant Zubrivka

Making Zubrivka

At the factory, the maceration process takes place in two stages, but it is quite easy to make bisque with your own hands.

The most difficult step is to find the herb, usually sold in a pharmacy or at market stalls with herbs and tinctures.

The recipe for Zubrivka

Tincture of bison on moonshine

We will need

  1. Moonshine (preferably double distilled - 40-45%) - 1 liter

  2. Dry borage herb - 2 g (1-2 blades of grass)

  3. Granulated sugar - 1 tbsp.

  4. Water - 2 tbsp. л.

How to prepare

  1. First, pour boiling water over the granulated sugar and cool to room temperature.

  2. Throw two stalks of herbs into a glass container, pour moonshine and add sugar water.

  3. Insist 20 days in a dark, warm room.

  4. After the specified time, pour the tincture into glass bottles and you can start tasting.

P.S. If you chop the herb beforehand or use the pharmacy version, the tincture time is reduced to 2 weeks and before bottling the finished product, you need to strain it. Sugar syrup slightly softens the taste, but does not particularly affect the taste characteristics.

Vodka Zubrivka Golden

Żubrówka Zlota - This is a relatively new product produced by the Polish company CEDC, but it has nothing to do with the original tincture. The composition does not even contain borage herb. But the recipe is quite original and should be to your liking.

The name of the drink is often misleading to consumers.

We will need

  1. Vodka - 500 ml

  2. Oak bark - half a tablespoon

  3. Prunes - 1 pc.

  4. Zest of half a lemon

  5. Cinnamon stick - 1 pc.

  6. Cumin - 1 pinch

  7. Vanillin - 1 pinch

  8. Kalgan root - 1 pc. (can be replaced with pharmacy Cinquefoil Upright - 0.25 h. л.). л.)

  9. Sugar syrup - to taste

How to cook

  1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a glass container and pour over the alcohol base.

  2. Let it brew for 15 days.

  3. After infusion, strain through a fine strainer and add cooled sugar syrup to taste (you can do without it).

  4. Then we pass the finished Zubrivka through a purchased or homemade filter and pour it into glass bottles.

Useful properties of Zubrivka

Despite the fact that Zubrivka is an alcoholic beverage, it is very healthy in moderation and is recommended to be consumed:

  1. To improve appetite.

  2. For colds.

  3. To prevent the occurrence of cancer.

  4. For the normalization of the nervous system.

Remember! To avoid the opposite effect of the tincture, you should drink alcohol in small doses.

Update: 29.11.2017

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