Kalganovka - vodka tincture with galangal root

Kalganovka - vodka tincture with galangal root

Kalganovka - is a tincture for the manufacture of which the so-called galangal root is used. Vodka, moonshine and even alcoholic tincture on galangal root is not only a very pleasant, albeit specific drink, but also an effective remedy for many diseases. Thus, Kalganovka, which is consumed within reasonable limits, can be considered a classic example of combining business with pleasure.

Where does the galangal root grow

Let's make a reservation right away that the plant, which in the Russian-speaking tradition is called galangal, is not really such a plant. In this case, we are not talking about the closest relative of ginger, which grows in China and a number of countries in Southeast Asia, but about the upright cinquefoil, common in Europe, the Caucasus, West Asia and some parts of Siberia... Similarly, the cherished roots grow in the Moscow region, but finding them is a whole lot of work.

Where the calamus root grows

This herbaceous plant, which has nothing to do with ginger, belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is usually found in pastures, forest clearings or on the edges of deciduous or mixed forests, which makes it easy to find and collect. This circumstance, among other things, made the cherished root a desirable ingredient in homemade tinctures.

Collecting and harvesting galangal root

Collection and harvesting of galangal root

Before you start preparing any of the following drinks, you should take care of the collection and primary processing of this low-growing (15 to 50 centimeters) perennial plant. You can recognize it by its characteristic short straight or curved rhizome of cylindrical shape, as well as by its small yellow inflorescences.

Go in search of a miraculous potion should be at the time of flowering. The time for harvesting galangal root begins in late May, when the first inflorescences appear on the cinquefoil stems or in early September, when it is about to bloom. After you have found and dug up the required number of plants, separate the roots, clean them from the ground and rinse them thoroughly with water several times. Then, the washed roots must be dried. To this end, spread them out in a single layer in some semi-dark corner. You can use electric heating devices to speed up the process. The main thing is that the heat emanating from them is uniform and not particularly hot.

If the romance associated with collecting and harvesting roots with your own hands is alien to you, you can resort to more prosaic options. Go to the market and buy the necessary roots from a trustworthy grandmother, or go to the nearest pharmacy and buy ready-made crushed dried roots there. In the latter case, the main thing is not to forget that you need not Kalgan, but rather upright cinquefoil.

So, now you can safely start the operation under the code name: Kalganovka at home.

Recipe for galangal

Drink recipes based on galangal root

After you prepare or find the main ingredient ready-made, you can start preparing a tincture of galangal roots. As we have already said, there is not only a classic tincture of galangal on vodka, but also galangal on moonshine or just on grain alcohol. And if the latter is used mainly for medical purposes, the use of galangal tincture on vodka or moonshine is more of a feast; as you can see for yourself. At the same time, the root of interest can be insisted both in proud solitude and in combination with other plant components. The main thing is to consume all the following drinks in moderate doses, as galangal is a fairly strong natural medicine with its own contraindications and side effects.

  1. Simple galangal tincture

    Rinse and dry the freshly dug galangal roots well. Then boil the roots, and strain the resulting broth, cool and dilute with alcohol to a strength of 30-40% or put 3 fresh roots in a bottle, pour vodka and leave for 10-15 days.

  2. A classic recipe

    For lovers of an unclouded, sharp taste, an old recipe for Kalgan vodka.

    Grind or grind 5-6 medium roots into powder and pour a liter of vodka. Keep the resulting mixture for a couple of weeks in a dark, warm place; at the same time, the container should be shaken periodically. Before use, the liquid must be filtered. Note: any kind of Kalganovka is recommended to be aged and stored exclusively in dark glass vessels, and shaken from time to time.

  3. Softened version

    1.5 teaspoons of ground galangal, 1 teaspoon of ground licorice root (sold at any pharmacy) and 5 coffee beans pour vodka in an amount of 0.5 liters. Seal tightly and leave in a dark, warm room for three weeks. Then strain and store in a cool place until use.

  4. Tincture of galangal root on moonshine

    2 teaspoons of ground roots are poured with half a liter of fifty-degree vodka, after which the resulting decoction matures for ten days. Next, it undergoes mandatory filtration and is served to the table. Notes. If you are wondering if galangal root will remove the smell of moonshine, then know that this opinion is wrong. The specific flavor of the drink will change slightly, but will not disappear. But its color, indeed, will partially ennoble, acquiring amber shades.

  5. Kalganovka on prunes

    3-5 teaspoons of ground root and 7-10 pieces of fragrant prunes are placed in a jar and poured with three liters of vodka or high-quality moonshine. Then, the jar is rolled up, shaken and rests in a dark, warm place for ten days. After the mentioned period, the drink is filtered, which makes it completely ready for use.

  6. Kalganovka "Moskovskaya"

    Pour 1 liter of alcohol over 40 grams of ginger, 40 grams of galangal, 40 grams of sage, 40 grams of mint, 40 grams of anise and leave for 18 days. Then add 1.5 liters of spring water to the infusion and distill everything together through a distillation apparatus. Insist for 18 days, then filter the tincture through a cloth or "waffle" towel and bottle it. If you used vodka instead of alcohol, then you can not dilute it with water or dilute it very slightly.

  7. Medicinal herbal wine with galangal

    Take 200 g of elecampane root, 100 g each of violet root, lesser nightshade herb, burdock, Benedictine root, 75 g of rhubarb, 50 g each of angelica root, galangal root, 40 g of wormwood, 200 g of orange peel, lemon, 100 g of dill, 6 handfuls of juniper berries, 4 handfuls of rosemary, 4 handfuls of thistle, 2 handfuls of sage, 3 handfuls of oregano, 2 handfuls of cherries (small), 1 handful of marjoram, wormwood tops...

    Finely grind the spices, put them in a barrel and pour grape wine so that it covers them, let it brew and strain.

    The rest of the spices can be poured back into the wine.

  8. "Healing" tincture on galangal

    Take 40 g of galangal root, 15 g of dill and anise seeds, 3 g of ginger. Pour 1 liter of double moonshine over everything and leave for 3 weeks in a warm place, and then filter.

  9. Herbal tincture "French"

    3 liters of vodka, 40 g each of cardamom, galangal, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and anise.

    Pour vodka into a large jar. Pour spices and herbs, shake, close the lid and let it brew for 15-20 days. Drain the tincture, filter and store in a cool place, tightly sealed.

Properties of galangal root

In folk medicine, the benefits of galangal root have been known for centuries, if not millennia. Indeed, this miraculous root helps in the case of such multidirectional diseases and ailments as diseases of the digestive tract and cardiovascular system, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, various joint pains, burns, frostbite and other skin lesions of varying degrees of complexity, as well as menstrual cramps, internal bleeding, inflammation and even reduced immunity...

A separate line is worth mentioning the beneficial effect that galangal tincture has in the case of prostatitis and impotence. The use of galangal tincture to increase potency is primarily due to its anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties, as well as its beneficial effects on the nervous system.

Properties of galangal root

Thus, this healing elixir is able to eliminate a number of problems associated with the functioning of both the nervous and reproductive systems, which in most cases has a beneficial effect on virility... Particularly popular in this context today is the tincture of galangal for potency with yagel (not to be confused with angelica), which, according to its manufacturers, allegedly works wonders.

Calgan root: application

There are three ways to use galangal for medical purposes.

The first of them is taking small doses of the drink (up to 50 grams per day) orally. For example, this is what you can do in case of gastritis or stomach disorders.

The second is to gargle in case of a cold or mouth in case of periodontal disease.

The third is rubbing the affected skin with the above remedy or using it in the form of compresses. This method is widely practiced in case of frostbite, burns, acne and numerous joint diseases.

Contraindications and side effects

Do not forget that galangal tincture in some cases can bring tangible harm instead of benefit. Thus, even in small doses, it is dangerous for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for children under the age of three. In addition, it is absolutely contraindicated for people who are prone to alcoholism, suffer from hypertension or have a low level of acidity. Also, you should not resort to the help of galangal at high temperatures.

In addition, if you are allergic to the chemicals contained in this plant, you may face a number of rather unpleasant side effects. In particular, such things as nausea, vomiting and very noticeable stomach pains are not excluded.

So, we advise you to be extremely careful.

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