Moonshine: 6 herbal recipes

Moonshine: 6 herbal recipes

Herbal moonshine is pleasant and healthy, and also provides a wide range of products. The ingredients can be used: seasonings, nuts, roots, berries, any other fruit.

But how not to get lost in all this variety of shapes and forms? Shake presents the best variants.

All ingredients are for 1 liter of moonshine.

Recipe for moonshine with fresh mint

This drink comes from Ukraine, which is also popular in Russia, because it does not make your head cloudy, but your limbs may not obey. No strict recipe. The most important rule is the heat treatment of the ingredients.


  1. Fresh mint - 100 g

  2. Granulated sugar - 2 cups

  3. Water - 2 glasses

Method of preparation

  1. Add sugar to the water, put on fire and cook until syrupy for about 10 minutes. Do not leave foam and make sure that nothing burns. If you wish, you can add some spices (e.g. dried cloves, cinnamon, caraway seeds).

  2. Pour the moonshine into the finished syrup. Close the container, wait for the contents to cool.

  3. Put the mint in there.

  4. Put the resulting product in a dark place in the heat. Leave the container closed. Do not keep for longer than 5 days.

  5. After the required time, strain.

Recipe for moonshine with cinquefoil and anise

There is no traditional recipe for cooking. There is a version that Erofeich summarizes tinctures aged on strong alcohol. If it is bitter, it is better to add honey rather than sugar.


  1. Potentilla root - 10 g

  2. Anise seeds - 10 g

  3. Peppermint - 5 g

  4. St. John's wort - 5 g

  5. Kalgan - 5 g

  6. Wormwood - a pinch

The method of preparation

  1. Thoroughly chop the herbs and mash the root to a gruel consistency.

  2. Pour over alcohol.

  3. Keep in a dark place for 2 weeks or a little longer.

  4. Shake occasionally.

  5. Strain.

Sage moonshine recipe

The plant gives the drink all its aroma. The recipe is extremely simple. You can add any seasonings and herbs, but not in large quantities.


  1. Sage - 50 g

  2. Chamomile - 12 g

  3. Melissa - 6 g

Method of preparation

  1. All steps are identical with this recipe. The bitterness can be overcome with honey.

Recipe for citrus moonshine

The composition is similar to mulled wine. Stand out with a refreshing minty flavor. The bouquet is varied and harmonious.


  1. Fresh mint - a bunch

  2. Orange zest - from two fruits

  3. Ground cardamom - 5 grains

  4. Star anise - 2 stars

  5. Lime zest - from four fruits

  6. Sugar - 2 pinches

The method of preparation

  1. All stages are identical according to this recipe. Leave alone for 7 days.

Lingonberry moonshine recipe

Any herbs will do. When choosing, pay attention not only to the taste, but also to the healing properties.


  1. Lingonberries - 200 g

  2. Lingonberry leaves - 200 g

  3. Honey - 2 teaspoons at your discretion

The method of preparation

  1. All steps are identical with this recipe. Keep for a week. If bitter - the same amount.

Recipe for caraway seed moonshine

Simplified recipe without distillation. It smells and tastes of light herbal notes. Sprinkle with any spices if desired.


  1. Violet root - 40 g

  2. Anise - 80 g

  3. Cumin - 100 g

  4. Lemon or orange peel - 60 g

  5. Dill - 50 g

The method of preparation

  1. Mix the dry products.

  2. Pour alcohol into the mixture.

  3. Close the container and put it in a dark place in a warm place for a period of 2 weeks to a month.

  4. Prepare syrup, pour into the infused liquid. Do not touch during the day.

  5. Strain.

  6. Put it back for a couple of weeks, you can do a little less.

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