Gin: 3 recipes at home

Gin: 3 recipes at home

Gin is a specific and versatile drink. It is believed that gin has its own soul, but in order for alcohol to get it, it is necessary to "fill the bumps" in production and recipe.

Vzboltai suggests taking the easy way out and making gin according to one of the recipes below.

Find out what it is gin and tonic + recipe at home.

Plymouth gin recipe


  1. Double distilled moonshine (40-45 degrees) - 2 liters

  2. Juniper berries - 25 g

  3. Lemon and orange zest - 3-5 g each

  4. Violet root powder - 2-4 g

  5. Angelica root - 2-3 g

  6. Cardamom - 1 g

The method of preparation

  1. Attach a metal colander to the neck of the distiller, fill it with herbal ingredients and pour moonshine through the mixture.

  2. Start the machine starting from a low temperature. Take 15-20 ml. the head fraction and raise the temperature to medium.

  3. Cut off the tail fraction at 65 degrees in the stream. The finished product is diluted to a strength of 47 turns.

  4. Keep the result for a week in a glass container.

Recipe of the juniper

Recipe for jeniver


  1. Barley - 2 kg

  2. Juniper berries - 25-40 g

  3. Lemon zest - 15 g

  4. Coriander - 15 g

  5. Fennel - 10 g

The method of preparation

  1. Make a grain brew with the addition of juniper.

  2. Distill it with steam without separation into fractions.

  3. Distill again with steam, separating 100 ml. "head" and cutting off the "tail" at 39 degrees in the jet.

  4. Add the rest of the ingredients to the distillate and leave for 7 days.

  5. Dilute the tincture to 25-30 turns.

  6. Distill, cutting off fractions according to the previous sample.

  7. Dilute to a strength of 45 degrees.

  8. Insist in an oak barrel or glass jug with oak chips for 2 months before drinking.

Recipe for London dry gin

Recipe for London dry gin

Here is a basic recipe for artisanal London dry gin. At the same time, each of you, like Charles Tankard, Felix Booth or James Barrow, will be able to diversify it to their liking by adding additional ingredients or changing the suggested proportions.


  1. Grain alcohol - 2 liters

  2. Juniper berries - 40-45 g

  3. Fresh orange peel - 5-6 g

  4. Fresh lemon zest - 2-3 g

  5. Whole coriander seeds - 8-10 g

  6. Cinnamon stick - 2-3 g

  7. Violet root powder - 2-4 g

  8. Liquorice root - 1 g

Method of preparation

  1. The herbal ingredients are poured with alcohol and insisted in a warm, dry place for 7-10 days.

  2. Alcohol is filtered and diluted with cold, clean water to a strength of 30-35 degrees.

  3. The resulting liquid is distilled (preferably in a distillation still with a dry steamer) at medium temperature. In this case, 20 ml is allocated to the main fraction., and the tail end starts with 50% in the stream.

  4. The finished product is diluted to a strength of 45-48 degrees (at lower speeds, your gin will lose citrus notes).

  5. The drink is defended for a week. The result is recommended to be used for making cocktails.

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